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Local Asbestos Management Plan – SR75

The template for the S75 has been updated to include a section in the Communications Plan that covers dealing with emergencies.

The updated template and model version of a completed SR75 are available to download from the P2 Library.

Posted by Brown, John on 15/May/2018
Local Asbestos Management Plan Template

Local Asbestos Management Plan

A template is now available to help you prepare your local asbestos management plan.

The latest copy of this plan can now be downloaded from  the P2 Library.

Posted by Gillen, Mark on 25/Oct/2017
Access to P2

Access to P2

Nottinghamshire County Council staff, contractors, customers, schools & academies
and users from Inspire, ViaEM, NHS & borough/district councils

For new users, password resets, NPO changes or any other P2 request, please email:


 Arc Partnership & Scape Group staff, consultants, contractors & suppliers

For new users, password resets, supplier access or any other P2 request, please email:


Posted by Wilson-Mawer, Ben (Info.Off.-Property IT) on 14/Jun/2017
Property Careline - New Name and Number

Please note that from Wednesday 1st June the Property Careline will be known as ARC Assist, their new telephone number is 0115 838 48 48,  their e-mail address is 'arcassist@arc-partnership.co.uk'

The Out of Hours Telephone remains the same - 07850 795405

Posted by Caygill, Kim (Team Leader) on 01/Jun/2016
Nominated Property Officer & Contact List
Click here to download NPO and NPC list August 2017.xlsx
Posted by Cooper, Paul H (TM-Business Practice) on 12/May/2016
Biomass Boiler Guidance

Please find attached the final version of the biomass boiler RAMS guidance

Click here to download PGN-003-BiomassInstallations-SSoW_V2.1.docx
Posted by Wilson-Mawer, Ben on 03/Mar/2014
Temporary Heating Guidance

PGN-002Temporary Heating Rev2.1.pdf

Updated to version 2.1

Click here to download PGN-002Temporary Heating Rev2.1 (1).pdf
Posted by Cooper, Paul H on 27/Dec/2013
Flood Information for Schools
Please read the attached document below for information around flooding for schools

Thank you
Click here to download Flood Information
Posted by Lawrence, Danial on 26/Nov/2012
Notification of School Alteration / Building Works on Education Premises

This new edition of the ‘Notification of School Alteration / Building Works on Education Premises’ document introduces several changes of which head teachers and appointed individuals should be familiar.

Click here to download Notification of Buildng Works Form.docx
Posted by Cooper, Paul H on 04/Mar/2012
Property Handbook

The new 2010 Property Handbook is now available to download. Please click on the attachment below to view.

Click here to download Property Handbook Issue 4 Jan 2011 Final.doc
Posted by Wilson-Mawer, Ben on 15/Mar/2010
** SITE INFORMATION - See below for Instructions **

Sites, Projects and Portfolio Report information are ALL now available through P2. You can download a basic user guide by clicking the link below. 

Click here to download Basic p2 User Guide manual.doc
Posted by Cooper, Paul H on 30/Aug/2007