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Notification of Security Changes

This is advance notification that there are to be changes to your P2 user commencing 10th September 2019.

In the last few months you will probably be unaware that security on the P2 System you use has been increased.

As part of these measures “Password Expiry” will be introduced. This means that the password you use to login will have to be changed on a regular basis. In line with Nottinghamshire County Council password security policy this will be every 25 weeks.

Since most P2 users have not changed their password for some considerable time then most would expire immediately. To prevent this the expiration will be staggered alphabetically over a period of 6 weeks.

When your password expires you will receive a prompt when you login to P2 to change your password.

Enter you existing password and then choose a new one. Please note that the password rules are more rigorous than

1. A minimum of 10 characters
2. 6 password are stored as history to prevent re-using the same password.
3. Passwords must contain upper and lowercase letters, at least 1 number and one or more of !,@,#,$,^,&,* or -.

If you have any questions related to this NCC users should email P2SystemRequests@nottscc.gov.uk.

Arc Partnership, Scape Group staff, consultants, contractors and suppliers should email P2SystemRequests@arc-partnership.co.uk.

Posted by Gillen, Mark on 21/Aug/2019
Local Asbestos Management Plan – SR75

The template for the S75 has been updated to include a section in the Communications Plan that covers dealing with emergencies.

The updated template and model version of a completed SR75 are available to download from the P2 Library.

Posted by Brown, John on 15/May/2018
Access to P2 - Reminder

Access to P2


Nottinghamshire County Council staff, contractors, customers, schools & academies
and users from Inspire, ViaEM, NHS & borough/district councils

For new users, password resets, data corrections or any other P2 problem please email:



 Arc Partnership & Scape Group staff, consultants, contractors & suppliers

For new users, password resets, supplier access or any other P2 problem, please email:



Posted by Gillen, Mark on 11/Jan/2018
** SITE INFORMATION - See below for Instructions **

Sites, Projects and Portfolio Report information are ALL now available through P2. You can download a basic user guide by clicking the link below. 

Click here to download Basic p2 User Guide manual.doc
Posted by Cooper, Paul H on 30/Aug/2007